Male Rex Salazar
Female Jennifer "Jenny" Wakeman/XJ-9
Male Age 16
Female Age 15 (Mentally)
Male Voice Daryl Sabara
Female Voice Janice Kawaye
Episode Met Heavy Metal
Episode Started Loving Unnamed Ep. in Season 2

Rex's Rivals: Breach, Van Kleiss, Biowulf, Skalamander, Bouncer EVO, I-Bol, Hunter Cain, No-face, Valve, Gatlocke, ZAG-RS, Quarry, Black Knight, The Consortium, The Alpha, EVO Death Bunny

Jenny's Rivals: Vexus, Smytus, Krakus, The Space Biker Gang, Skippy the Evil Wonder Puppet, Vladmir (Mr. Scruffles), The Mudslinger, Mad Hammer Bros, Lonely Hearts Club Gang

Alias REXJ-9

How It All StartedEdit

A deviantARTist known as Majortechbd posted a picture relating to his Heavy Metal series which featured Jenny/XJ-9 from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Rex Salazar from Genereator Rex, and Sari Sumdac from Transformers: Animated. On the left Rex was kissing Sari while on the right Rex was lying under Jenny. Sandvich33 saw this and was amazed that someone was a step ahead of him on the crossover pairing. He personally went with REXJ-9 since they are both abnormal teens wishing to pursue a normal life, hang out with normal people aware of their powers, have mechanized arsenals at their disposal, later find out about their siblings, have enemy organizations from faraway planets able to jump from there to Earth with the help of portals, have optical equipment allowing them access to different types of vision, are planned for crossovers (Jenny/XJ-9 with Danny Phantom and Rex with Ben Tennyson which was already broadcasted), have been shipped with friends (yes, this goes for Rex and Noah DX), are seen by the public as freaks despite their heroism, contain affiliation with groups of other freaky teenage heroes, and have the closest human being as their parent/guardian.

Rex Salazar X Jenny Wakeman MMD crap

Rex Salazar X Jenny Wakeman MMD crap

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