Rhythm Lawl is a crossover of Rhythm Heaven and Super Smash Bros Lawl.


Same as Rhythm Heaven Fever.

List of MinigamesEdit

  • Hole in One (Foal in One) (FT. Rarity, Sweetie Belle and one of the Diamond Dogs)
  • See-Saw (Ft. Blue Heavy and Blue Medic)
  • Screwbot Factory (Ft. Touhou Villians)
  • Double Date
  • Fork Lifter (Ft. Ginyu (Hand only))
  • Tambourine (Ft. Chibi Flandre Scarlet)
  • Board Meeting (Alliance Meeting) (Ft. Blocky, Snowball, Eraser and Pen)
  • Monkey Watch (FT. Jack the monkey)
  • Working Dough
  • Built to Scale
  • Air Rally (FT. Jake the dog and Cake the Cat)
  • Figure Fighter (Faithful Farmer) (FT. Applejack)
  • Ringside (FT. Cosmo the Seedrian as the reporter and Terry Crews)
  • Micro-Row
  • Packing Pests (Ft. Nano)
  • Samurai Slice (FT. Samurai Jack)
  • Catch of the Day
  • Flipper-Flop (FT. Bender)
  • Exhibition Match (FT. Irate Gamer and Best Hercules)
  • Flock Step (FT. The Flamingos from Fantasia 2000)
  • Launch Party
  • Donk-Donk
  • Bossa Nova (FT. two Piantas)
  • Love Rap (FT. Misery, Burter and Jeice)
  • Tap Troupe (Tap Spy) (FT. Red Spys)
  • Shrimp Shuffle (FT. Zoidberg Clones)
  • Cheer Readers (FT. the cheerleaders from Wario Ware)
  • Karate Man (FT. Lucario)
  • Night Walk (FT. Quote)

Extra GamesEdit

  • Multiplayer Fork Lifter (Ft. Ginyu and Heavy (Hands only))
  • Multiplayer Tambourine (Ft. Chibi Flandre Scarlet)
  • Multiplayer Ringside (FT. Cosmo the Seedrian as the reporter and Terry Crews and Gaston)
  • Multiplayer Tap Troupe (FT. Red Spys)
  • Multiplayer Karate Man (FT. Sniper and Lucario)
  • Multiplayer Flipper-Flop (FT. Bender)
  • Multiplayer Launch Party
  • The Clappy Trio
  • Sneaky Spirits
  • Power Calligraphy
  • Tap Trial

List of Minigames (DS version)Edit





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