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Rise of Exile is a American/Canadian-French animated television series created of My Life Me. This series was followed by a New Protagonist,Ace Marshall.when He was born from unknown to the wood who saved by a man with 'Wings'. Since He was founded by his Adoptive Parents. 17 years later, After he left Military camp, Ace has to go to new school called Cosmos high. He had lot to studys with new friends, Birch,Raffi,Liam ,Sandra (From My life me), Ray & Jessie. But this world things gonna following strange thing to happened.


Main CharactersEdit

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New CharactersEdit

Characters from My life meEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Mr. Towes - After Mr. Jones was missing, Mr. Towes replace Mr. jones and is the direct opposite of him
  • Principal George Haller (New character)
  • Amelia - She is now hall moniter alongside with her 3 sickkicks and less popular.
  • Emily Marshall - Ace's adoptive younger sister.(New character)
  • Kelly Marshall - Ace's adoptive older sister.(New character)
  • Mr. Jones - a Rude teacher.(New character)
  • Yoko Asumaka (New character)
  • Ronald Adams (New character)
  • Tommy Wiseau (Coming Soon)
  • Greg Sestero (Coming Soon)


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Theme song:- Linkin Park - What We Don't Know

Episode 7 theme song: Beckii Cruel - DANJO

Artist Tracks
Linkin Park What We Don't Know
Linkin Park Iridescent
Skrillex ft. Ellie Goulding Summit
Christina Perri A Thousand years
Back-On New World
Belinda If we were
Beckii Cruel DANJO
Linkin Park Burn it Down

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