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Rise of the Multi-Universal Amazons is a story that will begin on Febubray 8th 2013 and also is set during LOTM - Birth of Miracle Elite.

Since TheBrideKing's Vimeo Account got terminated. TheBrideKing decides He do a remake. The Characters from Birth of Miracle Elite will make cameo in this story.

Kokoro and her friends who finds themselves in this strange new world must now stop Pandora and free the Multi-Universe.

This story is more darker then Blackpool Story. Not only Pandora is the main villain, but also Shadow Master and Karkull are the main villains as well.

Who will win: the heroes, Pandora and her Acolytes' plans, Shadow Master and his vengeful plans or Karkull and his evil plans?

Plot Edit

The story took place during Birth of the Miracle Elite where, Terra, Tuxedo and their friends made new allies and fight Dormammu and their new enamy, Izaya. Meanwhile, Thrax consults with the Pandora on his plan to take over Multi-Universe. She tells him that when Tuxedo dies years later, she and Thrax will recruit thousands of villains and that they will lead him to victory. However, if any hero fights, they will fail.


Main Characters: Kokoro, Aoi Kunieda, Julia Chang, Lan Fan, Emma Frost, Ayane, Riza Hawkeye, Aya Drevis, X-23, Wendy Marvell

Main Villains: Pandora, Thrax, Dr. Fetus, Shadow Master, Karkull

Villains: The Acolytes (Mai and Ty Lee, Wrath, Slender Man, King Sombra, Scratch and Grounder, Coconuts, Delia York, Overlord (Overlord Game), Angel (Fairy Tail), Bernkastel, Lambdadelta, Suigintou, Ghostface, Prowler, Sunny, Zeref, Accelerator, Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima, Darth Marr, Deidara, Evil Robot, Evil Way Big, Fever Pitch, Greed (Full Metal Alchemist), Jeane, Kaguro, Manyuu Kagefusa, Mukuro Rokudo, Prisoner 775, Shinn Asuka, Sunako Kirishiki, Superwoman, The Bogeyman, Jecht, Cheng, Tomo Takino, Sunny Tennyson, Prowler, Mana Takamiya) The Nega-Acolytes (Kaede Sakura, Caster (Fate/stay night), Dragotron, Emeraude, Gorm, Lucius Wagner, Narukami, Rei Ryghts, Ragnarok (Ben 10), Merasmus,)

Major Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Minor Characters:



  • Since Zippcast got shut down and Vimeo account got terminated, TheBrideKing decided to remake it.
  • This Stroy will be similiar to The Wrath of God of War rises as Inspired by Daveg502.
  • The title "Kokoro Beats up Evil Residents" is no more. But replaced it with Rise of the Multi-Universal Amazons

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