SAM stand

Samantha "Sam" Simpson

Samantha "Sam" Simpson, usually referred to Sam, is Main Protagonist in the Totally Spies series.

Name: Samantha Simpson
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Occupation(s): High school student (done),WHOOP (Super Spy),Collage Student (Currently)
Abilities: Spies,summon spirits Cards,Katana,Zero Killa katana (Formerly)
Relatives: Gabriella Simpson (Mother),Ben Tennyson (Lover/Future Husband),Ken Tennyson (Future son),Cammy Tennyson (Future Daughter)
Allies: Clover(BFF), Alex (BFF),Jerry (Boss),Kate Ashley (BFF), Ichigo Kurosaki (Ex.Boyfriend),more..
First Appearance: A Thing For Musicians (Totally spies)
Theme: 30 Seconds to Mars - The Fantasy


She is a beautiful, good-hearted, and smart young woman who wishes to become an amazing spy in the future. Along with Alex and Clover, Sam is a secret agent who works for WOOHP. She is the eldest and the most mature out of the three. In her many adventures through life, she has had many interesting experiences and many unforgettable memories.


Alternate Reality version

  • FRF Power Rangers AniCards (as Kate Bright)
  • Babes vs Zombies:reanimed (as Trish)
  • Strip 2 Dead (as Ann) (Playable Character)
  • Zombie Revolution (as Carrie Summers)
  • Zombie Revolution: blood Hound (as Samuel Simmer (Male Version))


Love InterestEdit


  • Clover - Clover is one of Sam's closest best friends.
  • Alex - Alex is one of Sam's two closest best friends. They are the two who are usually seen studying together.
  • Jerry - Being the founder and administrator of WOOHP (World Organization of Human Protection) she gets along well with Jerry. Unless, he transports them to WOOHP by sucking them up through something gross or small and sucking them up when else that's important is going on in their lives'.
  • Mandy -Clover's worst enemy, Sam also has a hate towards Mandy and her posse as seen in many episodes.