Male Sandvich33 AKA John M. Mitchell (II½)
Female Lydia Prower
Male Age 16
Female Age 16
Male Voice John Micheal Mitchell (II½)
Female Voice Gillian Mary Backhouse
Hugs 7
Kisses (Cheeks & Forehead) 10
Kisses (Lips) 15
Almost Kisses 4
Episode Met World of Lawl
Episode started loving To Ms. Prower
Rivals Sandvich33's Rivals: I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE, Ozzy Obbler, SandvichE3, I.M. Meen (for trapping Lydia in his book), Chill-Kill Douchebag (according to CKD), Vrak (for ruining their Pocky game)
Lydia Prower's Rivals: I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE, Ozzy Obbler, Lydia Prower Doll, REGSRER, TheDrkSiren
Alias Sandvia/Lydvich33/Johnlian/Gilliohn
Series Involved Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy/Team SV33 X Team Prower

How it All StartedEdit

Sandvich33 was seeing a page for this British girl who goes by the name of Lydia Prower. He saw the list of potential pairings and responded to it by saying he would be involved in a romance with her. He then messaged her, asking of her thoughts on the pairing idea when that Obbler bastard tried to take her away from him because he's such a heartless loser douche of a person, which is when Sandvich joined the Los no Obblers group. She accepted. He then said yes and she was glad. Thus, he befriended Pen and this pairing is now officially locked in the vault of destiny.

Sudden AgreementsEdit

Most of the stuff Sandvich33 asked her/educatedly posted was agreed by her: Rex X Jenny, SpongeBob SquarePants X My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, even BFDI VS. Lock Legion.

Further ProofEdit

Sandvich33 had posted her potential victory theme in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy where he added her to his potential roster. He added the caption: "Since we're lawler lovebirds. '///-\\\' "

Future Wedding IdeaEdit

  • Bride: Lydia Prower
  • Groom: Sandvich33/John.mitchell.9210256
  • Best Man: Danny Vasquez
  • Maid of Honor: Zoe Hirashima
  • Ring Bearer: RobertoftheNerds
  • Flower Girls: Bloody Mary, and Hello Kitty
  • Minister: CreepsMcPasta
  • Bridesmaids: Amy Rose (Lydia Prower version), Sash Lilac, Dr-Siren, Imca, Cherry Pau, ???, ???, and ???
  • Groomsmen: Steven Star, Aaron Montalvo, Agito90, Kamina, NeoLordKefka, ???, ???, and ???
  • Organ Player(s): Alex Goot and Chaotic the Hedgehog

Random TriviaEdit

  • Aranryanchampion gave Sandvich33 an obligatory "husband" label, even though they haven't married (yet).
  • In a chat session, they played the Pocky game, which lead to Sandvich33 getting involved in using his tongue, which probably lead to Lydia melting into the kiss according to Sandvich33.
  • After researching zodiac signs, Sandvich33 found out that they're a perfect match, zodiac-wise.
  • The father of Sandvich33 happens to think that one day, one of them should move to either homeland to be closer together.
  • They have done the Sparkswood kiss twice. (That's when the couple puffs out their cheeks and kiss.)
  • John (Sandvich33) sees Jill (Lydia Prower) more as a human.


  • Anti-Expectations
  • Team Stream
  • Pocky to Rock...y
  • Gone French
  • Part of the Band
  • Sharing Secrets
  • Birthday Commitment
  • Welcome to Sparkswood
  • The Stars Have It
  • Man and Mask
  • Self-Realization
  • Back-and-Forth Introduction
  • Nearly All Alone
  • No One Must Know
  • Singing Dirty
  • Reality's Existent Through Names

See alsoEdit

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