Shiny the Hero (Video Game)


The John Studios (Xbox 360 and PS3)
Dimps (3DS)



Release Date

August 23, 2013 (JP)
September 12, 2013 (US)
October 5, 2013 (Europe)


Xbox 360



Shiny the Hero (also known as "シャイニーヒーローの素晴らしい冒険", Shainīhīrō no subarashī bōken, The wonderful adventures of Shiny The Hero in Japan) is the adventure game.


The game was revealed on CoroCoro Magazine in Japan on April 29, 2013 and Comic Con in US on May 17, 2013. The game wasn't finished yet during Comic Con 2013.

Several concept arts of Shiny that he was originally going to be a soldier human of the STAG squad, but it was changed in the final game as an alien Xdrone hero.

Al'Shuba was originally going to have his magic wand and his purple clothes, but it was scrapped and later uses his evil powers from his hands and dark blue clothes.

The Game originally going to have 12 levels instead of 9, and 14 bosses instead of 11, until the final game.

And is also going to be released on January 2014, but because of time expired, it was changed to August 23, 2013 in Japan.


In the year 3013, the unamed world was a peaceful planet, which we see some aliens called Xdrone, the Xdrones are aliens robots that advance the technology of houses, arms, the cities and everything. Until one day, the evil army let by their master Al' Shuba, destroy the cities and captures the Xdrones as his slaves. 6 Years later, a survived Xdrone named Shiny, prepares his revenge for killing his father and save his world at the hands of the evil Al'Shuba.


  • Shiny the Hero (Main Protagonist) (Playable)
  • Gordi (Unlocked in Level 2)
  • Prince Light Blue (Unlocked in Level 4)
  • King Light Blue
  • Queen Light Blue
  • Al'Shuba (Main Villain)


  • Level 1: The Forest
  • Level 2: Desert
  • Level 3: High Town
  • Level 4: Light Blue Castle
  • Level 5: Pollution Factory
  • Level 6: Shuba's Airship
  • Level 7: Shuba's World
  • Level 8: Shuba's Castle
  • Final Level: The Void


  • Level 1: The Brute
  • Level 2: Flamethrower Brute
  • Level 3: Flywing
  • Level 4: Princess Light Blue (She is actually a spy of Al' Shuba)
  • Level 5: Polluted Monster
  • Level 6: Broke Bones (1st Battle)
  • Level 7: The Scorpion Dragon
  • Level 8:
    Roof 1: Machine Gun Brute
    Roof 2: Flying Core
    Roof 3: Boss Rush
    Roof 4: Broke Bones (2nd battle), Al' Shuba
  • Final Level: Great Shuba (Final Form)


The Evil Al'Shuba was sucked from his own void, causing his world and his castle to explode. But he heroes manage to save his species from the explosion. Shiny became the defensor of justice known as Shiny the Hero.



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