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Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy is a crossover fighting game spinoff of Chincherrinas's Smash Bros. Lawl series.


Up to 8 players can duke it out in this game as any character of their choice. Many are good, a few of them are bad and are only there as a joke. You can then choose where the battle takes place on the map of stages. The true gameplay itself is simple and includes a combo system so that you may execute as many hits as you please. There is included a special attack widely known as the final smash. This is activated when a special element known as a smash fuel bar is 100% full. It can be filled up by dealing damage to others. This game also includes wave-dashing, directional-dodging, and L-cancelling all from Melee. There are 2 types of classic modes in this unlike all the others: regular mode, which is your basic run-of-the-mill arcade mode, and W mode, which allows you to select 2 characters at once. They can be swapped with the L button. You can choose 2 specific characters for a special storyline. Classic mode also introduces the overshadowed, which is a dark entity that would happen to be both rivals/du-rivals (duo of rivals), and The Darkness, which is what might be the most powerful entity to be a final boss. There will also be its own Subspace Emissary storyline with a few special gameplay events and challenges as you progress through the infinitely impending dooms of the SSCE (Subspace Cosmic Emissary).

Official CharactersEdit

Confirmed MovesetsEdit

  • Hacked Sonic
  • Somari
  • Jenny/XJ-9
  • Rex Salazar
  • Abobo

Unconfirmed MovesetsEdit

  • Sunny Bridges
  • FilthyFrank
  • Spooky
  • Ronald McDonald
  • John Luigizamo
  • Lame Freddy Fazbear
  • Musical SpongeBob
  • Pucca
  • Important Videos
  • Jeffy
  • EQG Pinkie Pie
  • Jake Paul
  • Unchou Kanu