'The Star Story: Tears of Lostness is an action fighting video game.


Bruce BlazeStar, the son of Steven Star & Fiona Blazela, wants to become a strong warrior in order to fulfill his main goal: becoming power prince warrior to follow both side of his family. After project Lindsey Trace, Bruce and his friend, Thomas Francis, is encountered by Shad Irvin, who felt jealous of him. However the exceeds Shad's expectations and defeats him. After this, Shad offers him a chance to join The Irvin's Gang group.

After becoming a member of the group, Bruce and Thomas meets his comrades, Max Waker, Lloyd Arcs, Jonathan Pegasus, Leone Alpha, Chase Wolf, Lucas Windblade, and Nathan Perry, who despise them at first but eventually later appreciate as the story develops. Bruce BlazeStar and his comrades are assigned a mission, after hearing about the other rival gangs and the last Invaded Cult.


The gameplay is mostly based on Street Fighter 3 and The BlazBlue Series, with some new feature.


Playable CharactersEdit

  • Bruce BlazeStar
  • Thomas Francis
  • Shad Irvin
  • Lloyd Arcs
  • Max Waker
  • Jonathan Pegasus
  • Stephanie BlazeStar
  • Kenji Irvin*
  • David Clawer
  • Lucas Windblade
  • Chase Wolf
  • Leone Alpha
  • Joseph D. Francis
  • Cyclone
  • Phillip Dendsuki
  • Roxie Nickel
  • The Notorious Macintosh
  • Levin Madness
  • Dynamo James
  • Drake Booker
  • Jean Hunter
  • Chewie
  • Conner Jigsaw*
  • Trace Sky*
  • Phoenix Bruce*

[*] - Boss Characters

Non-Playable CharacterEdit

  • Fiona Blazela
  • Jonathan's Sister
  • Kenchia
  • Lindsey Trace
  • Elizabeth Nickel
  • Bloody Falcon
  • Blood Fang Gang
    • JoJack
    • Matt-Matt
    • Greg Tusk
  • Black Jigsaw Gang
    • Ebony Watson
    • Bruno Haze
    • Logan Caesar
    • Frankie Echoes
  • Adam Jackson
  • Tom Smith
  • Zoey Smith


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