Star vs. John Universe: True Chaos is a crossover fighting game created by The John Studios and Team Future Speed. It is considered as a sequel to John vs. Star Universe: Ultimate Match


The gameplay is the same as SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, follows the traditional round-based one-on-one format.


Playable CharactersEdit

Star Universe
John Universe
Steven Star John
Jason Mitchell Robo
Fiona Blazela Rosie
Bruce BlazeStar Ryu
Andrew Stardrop Ken Masters
Rosa Anarchy Chun-Li
Stockgil Guile
Ellis Lostness M. Bison
Oscar South Kyo Kusanagi
Donato Strange Terry Bogard
Razor Blazefire Iori Yagami
Rachael Star Mai Shiranui
Hei Kazama Joe Higashi
Steve Caraway Ryo Sakazaki
Dean Brawl Robert Garcia
Gingka Storm Mr. Karate
Fear the Reaper
Christian Lead
Joseph Belmont Haohmaru
Jaguar fatales Iroha
Angelo Punk
Shawn Voltage Zero
Rupert Charming Doremi Harukaza
Yuya Seven Guts Man


Star Universe
John Universe
Paul the Merchant Jerry Di Ibuki
Vegas von Bruster The Lich


Star Universe
John Universe
Jacker NeoLordKefka
Wally Ryan Andy Bogard
Shadow Ace Grunt Axel (Mega Man X)
Judgement Day Metagross
Icy Steven Akuma


  • Hectare City
  • Passionate Street
  • Gem World
  • Yeager Shopping Center
  • Icy Steven's Castle
  • Zombie Aftermath
  • John House
  • Old Temple

External LinksEdit

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