Stephanie BlazeStar


3 month go (During Dissolution X)
35 (No More Anarchy 2: Black Rose Clock)




High School Student
Hectare Girl Worker


Star Blazer

Stephanie BlazeStar is the minor characters who is also the older sister of Bruce.


Early YearsEdit

After the events of Jacker and the Invaded Cults, Fiona Blazela tell Steven Star that she pregment with his baby. Stephanie was born and would grew up to became the princess of Hectare City by her mother, much to Richter's hot temper. Unlike her younger brother, who never knew his father due to him leaving after Dragon Devil Steven destroy Hectare City, she knew his for 3 years. She then felt sorry for Fiona Blazela felt Steven was kick out by her younger brother, and would later married Stocking, so Stephanie promise to Fiona to stay with her even when she grew up and help her raise Bruce.

Trace Sky RaisedEdit

Stephanie is now a high school student, with Bruce BlazeStar and is introduced in the midst of a date with Jonathan Peagsus whom she quickly reveals to be her singular and obsessive love interest. Stephanie is also good friend with Thomas Francis and alway tests him to became like his father.

She would became Lloyd Arcs secret admirers, and became shy to her when Leone told Bruce and Thomas to take her panty and gave it to Leone if they want to join in. When Trace Sky was revealed, she felt scare until Leone's death, where she help out with Bruce and Shad from defeating Trace Sky. Lloyd would show her love with Stephanie with he killed Jean Hunter after he assault her and calming her down after Jonathan was killed by Trace Sky


As a young adult, Stephanie still here with her mother and start working at Hectare Girl. She also became the babysitter of Bruce and Kenchia's 6 children. Stephanie would eventually married Lloyd Arcs and they had a child, named Richter J. Blazela the 2nd. (Named after her uncle and former boyfriend). When Thomas was about to commit suicide, she told Thomas to stop trying to end his life and would help him get rid of his suicidal thought, but before The Master revived Rosa Anarchy, Thomas never became happily with his twin and would become depressed and alone.



The Blazela FamilyEdit

  • Hectare Blazela - Ancestor
  • Fiona Blazela - Mother
  • Richter Blazela - Uncle
  • Bruce BlazeStar - Younger Brother
  • Kenchia - Sister-in-law

The Star FamilyEdit

  • Andrew Star - Ancestor
  • Bruce Shader - Grandfather
  • Rosa Star - Grandmother
  • Ralph Star - Uncle
  • Steven Star - Father


  • Thomas Francis
  • Max Waker
  • Shad Irwin
  • Brooke Silverhearts
  • Boston Zuzuriya
  • Formy Ska
  • Multi HMX-12

Love InterestsEdit

  • Jonathan Peagsus(Formally)
  • Lloyd Arcs


  • Jacker the Demon Robot
  • Jean Hunter
  • Conner Jigsaw
  • Trace Sky

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