First Appearance

The King of Fighters 97




Hazuki Nishikawa

Shermie appears as a playable starter character in Stocking Rose vs. John.

Background StoryEdit


After Yashiro, Shermie and Chris' sacrafices, Orochi was awakened once more by Frieza in order to turn the World into nothingness like he originally planned to do long ago. After Orochi destroyes most of the cities, the humans turns into ugly-looking monsters, and skeletons into humans brainwashed, it also accidentally broughts back Shermie to life with no mindcontrol. As she sees the dreaded horros of Orochi's destruction, Shermie must defeat him in order to bring the world back to normal and revive both Yashiro and Chris.


After Orochi was defeated, Shermie finally seals him once again with three treasures. Not only the world returns to its normal state, but also revives Yashiro and Chris, as they have no memories of being members of Hakkeshu and Orochi himself, Shermie decided to reform CYS once again for more concerts. While Yashiro and Chris lost their Orochi powers, Shermie is the only one who retairned it, thus decide to became a crime fighting team consist of her, Yashiro, Chris, Buttercup, Bubbles, Blossom, Amy Wong, Android 8, and Numbuh 2 known as "The CYS Heroes".


Special MovesEdit

  • Shermie Clutch: Shermie jumps diagonally forward into the air, legs kicking, and grabs a nearby airborne opponent with her legs. She then brings both herelf and the opponent spinning to the ground.
  • Shermie Whip: Shermie peforms a backroll and grabs the opponent.
  • Shermie Spiral: Shermie will try to grab them for a short duration before going into whiff animation. If success, she peforms a suplex.
  • Axle Spin Kick: Shermie will hop to the enemy and then give him/her a kick.
  • Shermie Shoot: Shermie laughs, then dashes to the enemy and grap him/her.

Super MovesEdit

  • Shermie Carnival: Shermie grapples the opponent's shoulders and flips over them, then peforms a slow, but powerful suplex.
  • Shermie Flash: Shermie peforms 3-4 suplex, and throws the opponent upwards, then finally ends with a Shermie Clutch.

Hyper AttackEdit

  • Thunder Leg Variant: Shermie grabs the opponent and throws them forwards. While the opponent is running, she attacks it with a powerful electric knee while turning into her Orochi self for 20 frames of animation.



  • Shermie walks, and waves her hand, saying "hi!"


  • Shermies laughs


  • Shermie walks away and says "Sweet dreams, pal!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Game over, pal! Don't forget to save. Sweet dreams!"
  • "Oh my, are you okay pal? Cause you don't look so good!"
  • "You are my sweet, so now i'm gonna go, adieau!"

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