Sum's Wrath: The Downfall is a series launched and published by Team Future Speed.

The storyline of the comic takes place before the events of No More Anarchy 5 - The Downfall, and follows the events of both featured nw characters in the games and veteran, showing their place in the new world and revealing their ultimate fates.

Issues Edit

Characters Edit

  • Razor Blazefire (R-Avenger) (Main Characters)
  • Frederick Diamond
  • Wasp Garmelon
  • Barron Johnny Blade
  • Plus Black and Minus White
  • Rorek the 2nd
  • Jen Poison
  • Henry Sorcerer
  • Jack Majikina
  • Steven Star III
  • Donny Adobo
  • Andrew Star (Cameo)
  • Steven Star (Cameo)
  • Demitri Blade (Mention)
  • Steven Jr. (Mention)
  • Jimmy Jr. (Mention)
  • Bruce Blazestar II (Mention)
  • Britney Buzzer (Mention)
  • Peter Dunbar (Mention) 
  • Heather Sting (Mention)

Other/NPC Edit

  • Bianca Fiery
  • Discharged Plus
  • Wanda Walkers
  • Edwin Pilot
  • Korra Mine 
  • Yukiruru
  • Fuel
  • Mad Wheel
  • Cause of Murder
  • Six-Man Arms
  • Papercut Bird/Final Cut
  • Milky (NEW!)
  • Chieftain Epygt (NEW!)
  • Jamie Gibson
  • Masaki Donnel
  • Carl, The Master of Aura
  • Acid Poison
  • Cyrus "The Pope" Airlock
  • Adam Volcano
  • Casi Irvin
  • Felicia III
  • Sapphire Star
  • Argali Star
  • Tin Lighting
  • Sammy Dudley
  • M.A.N.C.L.A.W
  • Wendy Butter
  • Winnie Butter
  • Lili Love
  • Sala (Cameo)
  • Hectare Blazela (Cameo)
  • Toma Yeager (Cameo)
  • Trevor Regal (Cameo) 
  • Sabrina Blazefire (Cameo)
  • Ryan Aero (Cameo) 


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