Runaway Candace
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date June 24, 2012 (JP)
July 1, 2012 (NA)
Written by IchokaSuzumi666
Directed by Jay Lender, Dan Povenmire, Takayuki Inagaki
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The Second Member is a Galactic Guardian?!

Runaway Candace (暴走キャンディス!Bōsō kyandisu!) is the first episode of The Six Warriors of the Six Worlds.


Candace has become fed up with trying to bust Phineas and Ferb and runs away from home. But when she is outside of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc., she almost gets hit by a one of his Inators. Doof threatens to destroy the world, and Candace is determined to stop him. She suddenly transforms into a warrior and destroys Doof's inator. Doof surrenders for now, and runs off. Candace hears a voice in her head saying that she is the leader of the Six Warriors, and the others are in different dimensions. A portal opens, and Candace goes through it.



Candace (debut)
Doof (debut)


Phineas (debut)
Ferb (debut)
Linda (debut)
Lawrence (debut)
Isabella (cameo; debut)


  • Isabella appears, but only has a cameo appearance.

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