Total Drama Madness! Courtney's a warrior too?
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date July 15, 2012 (JP)
July 22, 2012 (NA)
Written by IchokaSuzumi666
Directed by Jay Lender, Dan Povenmire, Takayuki Inagaki
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The Third Member: Haruhi, the Goddess!
Time for Atomic Betty to take charge!

Total Drama Madness! Courtney's a warrior too? (合計ドラマの狂気!コートニーも戦士ですか?Gōkei dorama no kyōki! Kōtonī mo senshidesu ka?) is the fourth episode of The Six Warriors of the Six Worlds.


Candace, Betty, and Haruhi arrive in the world of Total Drama. Betty claims that she watches Total Drama all of the time, but Haruhi is not interested, thinking that it's an "ordinary TV show." The girls meet the Total Drama contestants, but all of a sudden, Doof appears! Candace, Betty, and Haruhi transform to fight him, and the Total Drama contestants are amazed by the battle. Courtney suddenly feels a surge in her body, and she suddenly transforms and helps them fight! Courtney joins the Six Warriors, but for some reason, the next portal hasn't opened. Courtney agrees to let them stay at her house until it does.



Courtney (debut)


Owen (debut)
Gwen (debut)
Heather (debut)
Duncan (debut)
LeShawna (debut)
Geoff (debut)
Izzy (debut)
DJ (debut)
Lindsay (debut)
Bridgette (debut)
Trent (debut)
Eva (debut)
Harold (debut)
Sadie (debut)
Beth (debut)
Cody (debut)
Tyler (debut)
Katie (debut)
Justin (debut)
Noah (debut)
Ezekiel (debut)
Sierra (debut)
Alejandro (debut)
Chris Mclean (debut)

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