Moka, the Vampire! She's the Final Warrior
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date August 5, 2012 (JP)
August 12, 2012 (NA)
Written by IchokaSuzumi666
Directed by Jay Lender, Dan Povenmire, Takayuki Inagaki
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Magical Girl Madoka: Also a Warrior?
Inner Moka Refuses, Outer Moka Joins! Can we change the inside's mind?

Moka, the Vampire! She's the Final Warrior (モカ、ヴァンパイア!彼女は最終的な戦士だ Moka, vu~anpaia! Kanojo wa saishū-tekina senshida) is the seventh episode of The Six Warriors of the Six Worlds.


Candace, Betty, Haruhi, Courtney, and Madoka find themselves in the world of Rosario + Vampire. Candace is confident that the sixth warrior is a student at Yokai Academy, so she, Betty, Haruhi, and Courtney attend the school (Madoka's only 14, so she's too young), all posing as students. They meet Moka Akashiya, who is a vampire. If her rosario is removed, her true form is revealed. Doof sneaks into Yokai Academy as a teacher, and attempts to blow the school up with a deadly bomb. Candace, Betty, Haruhi, and Courtney transform into their warrior forms, while Madoka joins them, also in her warrior form. That was when Moka suddenly transforms! However, all she can do is heal. In the midst of the battle, Betty accidently removes Moka's rosary, leaving her to revealing her true form. That's when they realize that both the Inner and Outer Mokas are warriors!



Moka (debut)


Tsukune (debut)
Kurumu (debut)
Yukari (debut)
Mizore (debut)
Ruby (debut)
Kokoa (debut)

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