Team King X Team Frollo is a Spin off game for The King's Epic Adventure X The Frollo Show and upcoming crossover fighting game being developed by A90 & Capcom. The King's Epic Adventure created by Geibuchan , The Frollo Show created by Chincherrinas and the other series can join their sides.


See also:TK'sEA x TFS



Team King Team Frollo
Rival 1
The King Frollo
Solid Snake Gaston
Rival 2
Big Bird Harvey
Barney Courage
Rival 3
Birch Jen
Yu Serph
Rival 4
Rex Miley Cyrus
Ben Painis Cupcake
Rival 5
Eduard Khil Justin Bieber
Rick Astley Rebecca Black
Rival 6
Sam Stocking
Kate Panty
Rival 7
Burger King Kakashi
Ronald McDonald


Rival 8
Agito Matt
Rose Tom
Rival 9
Inna Squidward
Mugi Nicki Minaj
Rival 10
Crimson Chin Weegee
The Tick Malleo
Rival 11
Captain America Optimus Primal
Ironman Megatron
Rival 12
Hitler Chris Bores
Stalin Stephen Quire


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