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The Angry German Kid Show is a based of Every AGK series, Staring a one and only main Protagonist, Leopold Slikk aka Angry German Kid.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Leopold Slikk- A main Protagonist.
  • Jake Randolf - Leopold's Best friend. (Starts Ep4)
  • Rise Kujikawa (From Persona 4) - She is beautiful and smart. She was attractive by Leopold,Ronald and Stephen who fall in love on her. but, She fell in love with Jake (instead Yu Narukami) (Starts Ep4 or 5)
  • Ronald Ramirez- Leopold's Friend. (Starts Ep4)
  • Stephen Quire - Leopold's Bully to a friend (Starts Ep4)

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's Dad, He always beat up his own son, Leopold.
  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's Mom and Harold Wife. (starts Ep3 in the end)
  • Zelda (From Cd-i Zelda) -

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Pricinpal Obi wan (From Star wars series) -
  • Mrs.Wasp (from Avengers Earth mightiest heroes) - She's one of the teachers from Lez Garden Acedemy (instead being a super heroine).

List of The EpisodesEdit

Leopold Studied at Garden Lez Academy (Girls Academy), He felt worst because he was the only boy and every girls doesn't want him for a date. So, Leopold decide to download and play games instead. Until Some message send to him from unknown for showing videos for him. Well leopold watch the video?

  • Episode 2:  AGK has a crush


  • Episode 3: Almost trashed the band and gets Expelled


  • Episode 4:



See AlsoEdit

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