The High Craze-tastic Adventures of Berk is an American live-action/animated TV series which is a spin-off of The Trap Door, but with additional characters.



  • Berk-The main protagonist of the series.
  • Boni-Berk's friend.
  • Drutt-Berk's lousy pet.
  • Drutt's Nippers (Drut Jr., Bouncy, Loggy, and Debbie)-You know that line.
  • Rogg-That giant pink guy that was dumb.
  • Mr. Rabbid-A rabbid that's a gleefully destructive version of Elmo form Elmo's World.
  • Elijah Eubank-A Mii from Miiverse. See him right here! There he is!

More coming soon........


Season 1Edit

  1. Berk Returns-In 2014, after The Trap Door universe is frozen by a blizzard, the cast of The Trap Door get free from their ice cells. Then they find a new world.
  2. Rabbids Don't Use Deodorant-TBA
  3. The Mii from Miiverse-TBA
  4. Beware the Ranting Swede-TBA
  5. Raiders of the Lost Rabbid (Season Finale)-TBA

Season 2Edit

  1. Lost in Paradise-TBA

More coming soon........

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