The Quest of Amy Rose - Rebirth of Ebony 2 is a sequel spin-off of The Quest of Ebony series that takes place in a alternate future timeline.


Is been 7 years since the events of Rebirth of Ebony 1, Dark Agito was escaped from Netherrealm, killing Amy and Stocking and finally became Superior leader of the world and took over the city with his wife,Cassia. 10 years later, It's up to Ebony and Stockmy for their mothers's death to take down a group called Ajetz.


  • Ebony The Hedgehuman (Rebirth)
  • Stockmy
  • Sonichu
  • the Last Jigglypuff


  • Yukari Takeba (Alive  until killed by Dark Agito90)
  • Jen Masterson
  • Bloom
  • Blazela
  • Mr.Popo
  • Dende (Becomes the Guardian of Earth)
  • Johnie
  • Cosmohn
  • The Masked Pope (Wants to visit Amy Rose's Daughters, but he's still dead)
  • Cosmo the Seedrian
  • Pen
  • Cosmo and Pen's Children
  • Amy Rose (Flashback and death)
  • Stocking (Flashback and death)
  • Rimururu
  • Paper
  • Baguette


  • John (Mentioned)
  • Princess Jigglypuff (Mentioned)
  • Steven Star (Mentioned)
  • Icy (Present Version) (Mentioned)
  • Chris Chan (Mentioned)
  • Syn Shenron (Present Version) (Mentioned)
  • Tritannus (After the credits, in his mutant form)
  • Cosmo the Seedrian (Present Version) (Mentioned)
  • Pen (Present Version) (Mentioned)
  • Robo (He's still in Robotropolis and killed by unknown)
  • Dr. Eggman (Still had change of heart)
  • Lydia Prower (Mentioned)
  • Every other Jigglypuffs died






What-If CharactersEdit


Covers, Posters & Scenes SnapshotEdit




After Dark Agito90 defeated, Ebony was almost kill him, but She cannot do it because her memories comes from her Original Counterparts. Until She lay down and cry for her sadness. Dark Agito90 near point gun on Ebony's head. Instead, he shot himself after he was laugh Evilly. After Dark Agito90 death, Stockmy cheer her sister up and Ebony ask her:-

  • Ebony: Is the war over?
  • Stockmy: No... (until they saw many Ajetz airships above the sky)...It not over yet.


They told about their leader death, Until a boy name Corey Legume (Son of Gaston and Claire) who was Dark Agito90's Apprentice to a new Leader of Ajetz.

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