The Quest of Amy Rose - Rebirth of Ebony 3 is a sequel of The second game.


It takes place after Rebirth of Ebony 2, Agito90 for unknown reason kills himself with his gun, the battle with the evil Agito90 is over, but the war of Ajetz is not over, Corey Legume is incharged after Agito's Death. So is up to Ebony and Stockmy to end the war once and for all.



  • Ebony (Alternate)
  • Stockmy
  • The Last Jigglypuff


  • Pen
  • Cosmo the Seedrian
  • Dende (He's in Kami's Lookout)
  • Mr.Popo (He's in Kami's Lookout)
  • Cosmo and Pen's Children
  • Paper (Later Killed by the Ajetz)
  • Baguette (Later Killed by the Ajetz)
  • Rimururu (She's in Kami's Lookout)
  • The Masked Pope (He's in Hell)
  • Bloom (Tries to help Ebony and Stockmy, but getting captured by the Ajetz and used her for terrible experiments)
  • Rosie (Later Killed by the Ajetz)
  • Johnie
  • Cosmohn
  • Sonichu (Dissapeared for unknown reason after Chris Chan's Death)
  • Jen Masterson




  • The Dark House (The level that Ebony fought Agito90)
  • Ajetz Factory
  • Corey's Laboratory (Final Level)


  • The Dark House (The level that Ebony fought Agito90) - TBA
  • Ajetz Factory - TBA
  • Corey's Laboratory (Final Level) - Corey Legume (1st Form), Battle Suit Corey (Final Form)




  • Is the only game that dosen't have a Post-Credit


The Battle Suit has been destroyed by Ebony and Stockmy, but Corey is survived. Ebony wanted to see Ajetz's secret.

  • Ebony - Corey, i want the secret of Ajetz NOW!!!
  • Corey - Sorry Ebony, but there's no secret about our organization.
  • Ebony - (Opens the door)
  • Corey - W..Wait WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?
  • Ebony - (Gasps) What is this?
  • Corey - I saw you from other universe. But you look Different.
  • Ebony - She look like me? That's impossible! She not even look like me!!
  • Corey - I will tell you something because where my father married you mother. But she kind like 12 year old hedgehog and... That's kinda like Beastly and Pedophile... any way where I wasn't born unlike you.
  • Ebony - So that girl was my Counterpart?
  • Corey - Yes... (some his army came arrived)
  • Stockmy - Ebony! let's get out of here.

The Secret of Ajetz has been revealed. So,Ebony and Stockmy escape from Airship.

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