The Quest of Ebony the Hedgehuman 8: Cruise Trouble
Ebony the hedgehuman 8 cruise trouble by coolcpendlol-d5ybgpe
Cover art for The Quest of Ebony the Hedgehuman 8


PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS




T for Teen


I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE, Sega, ect.

The Quest of Ebony the Hedgehuman 8: Cruise Trouble is a Adventure Game where you Play as Ebony(Amy Rose and Gaston Daughter) and Her Friends to Save Everyone inside a Cruise Ship


The Story is aboutSC Hes Family and her Friends (Except John because he's in vacation on Hollywood with Robo, Rosie & his friends) are going into a cruise but a Unknown Villian (Revealed to be the Joker) use a Ray on the Cruise to turn Everyone except Ebony into animals, and was put in cages (The Little Ones). So it Up to Ebony to save Everyone on the Ship


  1. Deck
  2. Balcony
  3. Dance Floor
  4. Dinning Room
  5. Pool Room
  6. Outside Pool
  7. 2nd Floor
  8. 3rd Floor
  9. Inside Bolier Room
  10. Heading to the Captain Room
  11. Captain Room (Final Level)

Playable CharactersEdit

Characters you can Play as. Too Bad, The Only Character you can play as is Ebony.

John (Beat the Game first)


Small Video Clip of the Story

  • Opening 1 (Everyone Entering the Cruise)
  • Opening 2 (The Ray hit everyone exsept Ebony)
  • Battle Fight 1 (Wakko Clown the Bear)


  • Deck - Wakko Clown the Bear
  • Balcony - Gaston as the Ox (Ox don't really have Memories)
  • Dance Floor - Yumi as the Panther
  • Dinning Room - Tomba as the Boar
  • Pool Room - Tourettes Guy as the Tiger
  • Outside Pool - Spike as the Monkey
  • 2nd Floor - Malcolm Landgraab as the Lion
  • 3rd Floor - Frollo as the Black Horse
  • Inside Bolier Room - Penelope from Family Guy
  • Heading to the Captain Room - Great Ape Mugatu, Harley Quinn, The Joker
  • Captain Room (Final Level) - The Joker as the Dragon (Final Boss)


  • Joker's Guards
  • Fish Bombs
  • Penelope's Guards
  • TBA


Who turn into What ListEdit

  • Amy Rose - A Nomal Small Hedgehog
  • Gaston - Ox
  • Stocking - Kitten
  • Frollo - Black Horse
  • Pucca - Baby Panda
  • Tourettes Guy - Tiger
  • Ami - Bunny
  • Yumi - Panther
  • Cosmo the Seedrian - Ladybug
  • Yuna - Bird
  • Wakko Clown - Circus Bear
  • Master Shake - Raindeer
  • Pan - Frog
  • Malcolm Landgraab - Lion (Member of The Joker)
  • Mabel Pines - Pig
  • Spike - Monkey (Irony)
  • Yumi (Ape Escape 3) - Raccoon 
  • Tomba - Boar
  • Jontron - Parrot
  • Mugatu - Squid (Member of The Joker) (Accidently hits Mugatu with his Ray) later Great Ape
  • Margaret - Red Robin
  • Dawn - Baby Penguin
  • Princess Bubblegum - Puppy
  • Ching - Chicken
  • Esmeralda - Goat
  • The Joker - Dragon



The Joker is killed by Ebony, the curse has been broken & everyone are happily ever after (& also they are in vacation on Hollywood with John & his friend.

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