The Quest of Ebony the Hedgehman 14 - Sigma's Army is a adventure game Starring Ebony & her friends.


The plot involves Sigma, who originally working as a Maverick Hunter, but not anymore. Sigma destroyes the countries with his army of Mavericks & captures Amy and Gaston. So is up to Ebony to stop Sigma's Plans & save the world once again.



  • Ebony
  • X
  • Zero
  • John
  • Mega Man
  • Fat Mario
  • Gay Luigi


  • Mega Man Zero
  • Lydia Prower
  • Pen
  • Fat Buu
  • Piccolo


  • Amy Rose
  • Gaston


  • Cosmo
  • Alia
  • Pallete
  • Layer
  • Axl
  • Steven Star
  • Dr.Light (In his capsule)
  • Dr.Weil (Non-Boss)


  • New York City (Intro Stage)
  • Abandoned Missile Launch Base
  • Power Plant
  • Mars Train
  • Volcano
  • The Prison (Middle Stage)
  • Cyberspace
  • Holographic Room
  • The Jungle
  • The Elevator Base
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 1
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 2
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 3
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 4 (Final Level)
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 5 (Real Final Level)


  • New York City (Intro Stage) - Egregion
  • Abandoned Missile Launch Base - Chill Penguin
  • Power Plant - Spark Mandrill
  • Mars Train - Slash Beast
  • Volcano - Magma Dragoon
  • The Prison (Middle Stage) - Vile (In his Ride Armor)
  • Cyberspace - Cyber Peacock
  • Holographic Room - Snipe Anteator, ??? (from Kingdom Hearts 1) (Beat the game first)
  • The Jungle - Sting Chameleon
  • The Elevator Base - Tretista Kalverian
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 1 - Mecha Dragon
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 2 - Rangda Bangda W
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 3 - Vile
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 4 (Final Level) - Velguarder, Sigma, Kaiser Sigma
  • Sigma's Palace Stage 5 (Real Final Level) - Final Sigma (from Mega Man X7)




Falcon ArmorEdit

Ebony will get an amor that has a streamlined design with many birdlike traits; the curves on the arms and legs resemble talons and the chestplate has a beak; The back has a long pair of wings with their tips pointed upwards and a smaller pair on its helmet. The helmet and ankles have red gems at the front and green ones on the chest and gauntlets.

  • Head Parts - Increases the maximum capacity for the hammer by 50%.
  • Arm Parts - Increaseas her Hammer attack by 50%
  • Foot Parts - Enables Ebony to fly for a limited period of time. During flying state, Ebony gains invincibility against collision damage, allowing him to fly through enemies without taking damage; enemy attacks and projectiles however, can still damage him. As Ebony flies, a barrier is generated around him, damaging enemies upon contact. Also, the Foot Parts in this game sacrifices the air-dash for the flight function.
  • Body Parts - Halve damage taken and reduce recoil. Ebony can use the Giga Attack, which unleash a wave of Spear Charged Shots all across the screen, severely damaging enemies that it hits.


  • Head Parts - Locatend in Holographic Room
  • Arm Parts - Located in The Jungle
  • Foot Parts - Located in Abandoned Missile Launch Base
  • Body Parts - Located in Mars Train






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