The Quest of Ebony the Hedgehuman 21 - Dark Oak's Revenge is the last adventure game


It takes place 5 Years after the events of Steven Star's Return, Gaston suffered from the Heart Virus that Future Trunks is talking about, but lucky for him, the heart medicine is here but it will take 4 days to cure Gaston. Meanwhile Dark Oak is now finally realizing his dream, destroy Ebony and everyone else and rename it New Dark Oak Planet. So is up to Ebony and her friends must take down Dark Oak and his minions before is too late.



  • Ebony
  • John
  • Cosmo The Seedrian
  • Goku
  • Steven Star


  • Robo
  • Mega Man X
  • Chaotic


  • Gaston (Sufferes from a Heart Virus)
  • Amy Rose
  • Cpend7
  • Rosie
  • The Masked Pope
  • Sonic (Helping Ebony)
  • Vegeta (Helping Ebony)
  • Sheezus (Rumors)


  • New York City
  • The Street
  • The Island near Kame House
  • The Forest
  • Space
  • Dark Laser's Death Star
  • Inside Dark Oak's Ship
  • Dark Oak's Throne
  • Destroyded City (Final Level)


  • New York City - N/A
  • The Street - Park Avenue
  • The Island near Kame House - Metarex Carrer (Sub-Boss), Big Fish Metarex (Boss)
  • The Forest - Monkey Metarex (Mini Boss), Ice Metarex (Sub-Boss), Frog Metarex (Boss)
  • Space - Scarship
  • Dark Laser's Death Star - Brainwashed Dark Laser (Known as Masked Metarex (Sub-Boss)), Silver Metarex and Gold Metarex (Boss)
  • Inside Dark Oak's Ship (1st Floor) - Red Pine
  • Inside Dark Oak's Ship (2nd Floor) - Pay Bay Leaf
  • Inside Dark Oak's Ship (3rd Floor) - Yellow Zelkova
  • Inside Dark Oak's Ship (4th Floor) - Queen Chrysalis (Illusion (Sub-Boss)), Dr Weil 1st form (Illusion (Sub-Boss)), Black Narcissus (Boss)
  • Dark Oak's Throne (Final Floor) - Velgaulder (Sub-Boss), Dark Oak
  • Destroyded City (Final Level) - Dark Oak (1st Form), Super Dark Oak (2nd Form) (Final Boss)




  • Is known to be the last Quest of Ebony game.
  • This game leads to the last game called The Final Showdown


Super Dark Oak was eventually defeated by Ebony's Dragon Fist, the world is at peace, Gaston has been cured from the Heart Virus, John gaters around The Dragon Balls and wish that the city was restored, but something is wrong, due to overuse of the Dragon Ball, the negative energy creates The Six Evil Shadow Dragons (Exept Syn Shenron), Black Smoke Shenron appears and tell everyone else that the six Shadow Dragons working to destroy humanity.

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