The Star Story: Night of the Malta’s Blues




Team Future Speed

Run time

30 Minutes per episode

Air Date

February 1 2015 - Present

TV Rating

TV-MA (Orginal)
TV-14 (Cut version)

Original Channel


The Star Story: Malta’s Blues is a TV series, taking place in the 2043, and follows the adventures of Andrew B. Stardrop, grandson of Steven, as he fights the Rainbow Blades of 7 and Vegas von Bruster.

Characters & in Malta's BluesEdit

Character Name Relation Status
Andrew Stardrop Protagonist Living
Flint Clawer Ally Living
Yukiko Hirose Ally Living
London Donnel Ally Living
Lucky Knife Ally Living
Robert Young Ally (Previously Villains) Living
Akari Toujo Ally (Previously Neutral) Living
Cory Cooper Ally (Previously Neutral) Living
Cody Basham Ally (Previously Neutral) Living
Zack Crocker Ally (Previously Neutral) Living
Danny Stardrop Ally Living
Yaci Takahashi Neutral Living
Jun Ikoma Ally Living
Jason Pace Neutral Unknown Fates
Taro Daniel Neutral Unknown Fates
Andre Pegasus Neutral Unknown Fates
Eden Mizanin Neutral Unknown Fates
Alvin Mon Neutral Unknown Fates
Spencer Shocks Living Dead
Nicholas Coyle Ally Living
Yantamu Kotan Ally Dead
Jacker the Dog Ally Living
Diamond Jacky Ally Living
David Clawer Ally Living
Yen Toujo Ally Dead
Guri Crocker Alley Living
Robin Donnel Ally Living
Lita Donnel Ally Living
Stevie Donnel Ally Living
Tron Neko Villain Living
Tron Tosa Inu Villain Living
Dusk Street Leader Villain Dead
Mindy Neutral Unknown Fates
Red Blade Villain Dead
Orange Blade Villain Dead
Yellow Blade Villain Dead
Green Blade Villain Dead
Blue Blade Villain Dead
Purple Blade Villain Dead
Ultimate Blade Villain Dead
Vegas von Bluster Main Antagonist Dead*


  • Episode 1 - The First Year Samurai
  • Episode 2 - Proving Ground
  • Episode 3 - The Tron Twin
  • Episode 4 - Dusk Street
  • Episode 5 - Heated Red
  • Episode 6 - Fruit Fly Orange
  • Episode 7 - Dark Yellow
  • Episode 8 - Silent Green
  • Episode 9 - Ocean Blue
  • Episode 10 - Cold Purple
  • Episode 11 - Jacky Diamond
  • Episode 12 - Dragon over Space and Time
  • Episode 13 - The End of Mr. Bruster

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