The Troll Wars Episode 3 Bloody Hurger is a sequel to Troll Wars 2:Trolls Must died


it takes place after JareldMilton was defeated & StevenStarr quits where John & his friends are ecounted the real troll leader Fake Daniel Clayton so John & his friends decided to turn into monster forms know as Bloody Hurger to Defeat the trolls & save the city. This also start The Troll Wars 3.5, This War Have No Love.




  • Agito90
  • Collaterale1
  • StevenStarr777
  • The Good Daniel Clayton
  • Sonofjafarreturns
  • Menslady125
  • Cpend7

HP: 9999999999999999

Power: 9999999999999999

Cpend7 Have a 1 Millon Lv 3 Sentry Guns, Holy Bible, Diamond Sword, Ultima Weapon , Spells, Summons (are Spongebill, Super Mega Death Chrsit 2000, Sora and Riku on Kingdom Hearts and finaly Master Hand)

  • Ronald Lamb
  • YTPGuy17
  • Achille12345
  • Chuck Norris
  • Ronald Lamb
  • Superyoshi80
  • Chincherrinas
  • Agentrockluxury3
  • sonictheimmeenpootis
  • Gannonx1
  • Meltingman234
  • Clementj642
  • Roahmmythrill

Members of Anti-Trolls/Anti-HatersEdit

Coming Soon


  • FucksupermarioIogan (Fake Daniel Clayton)
  • AwesomeSeaCucumbert

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