War after death: Dave Rugal’s Return is a RPG games that happen during Origin of Order (after The Star Story: Shadow’s Star).


After what happen in the Invaded Cult Era, Jason Mitchell, a Yeager warrior decide to return back to his region. But during his travel, Jason wakes in a stasis chamber resembling a motel room, where an artificial voice (Dave Rugal) awaken

It’s here that Jason was assaulted by him, who introduces himself as “lifeless". Overusing after a brutal battle with Rugal, Jason eventually get killed after Dave stab him into the heart. During his time of death, Jason awoke in the aftermath life. In this world, he woken and was found by Wally Ryan and Billy Bobs, two of his friend that was murder by Dave Rugal. Jason learns about the cruse of Dave Rugal. That Dave Rugal is in a endless life and death trap, where he can revived himself and trap someone into the afterlife of his dark heart.

Because Dave didn’t alive, Jason, Wally and sexual other lost souls have to defeated Dave Rugal into the Afterlife, before Dave danged more lost souls and become a unbeatable monster.


Playable CharactersEdit

  • Jason Mitchell - 20-years old Swiss Sword Wielder raised into a strong warrior, but runaway after being anger over his father.
  • Wally Ryan - 19-years old Canadian Sword Wielder with a birth deflect of lung cancer.
  • Billy Bobs - Mysterious Helmet wearing man and famous dare devil in Yeager.
  • Rosie Rugal - 19-years old German and French woman who also Dave Rugal’s half-sister.
  • Turbo Fighter: Orton - A destroyed toy find by Jason and Wally
  • Eli Vetallica - 18-years old puppet master who believe that nobody understand the world like him.
  • Leonard Harrison - 21-years old plant caretaker.
  • Aaron Larry - 19-years old junker collectier.
  • Natalie Honeydew - 19-years old bee keeper
  • Daniel Heath - 17-years old highschool dropout thief
  • Gade Roper - 22-years old defended soldier
  • Frankie Fiery - 20-years old hot-headed pyro lover
  • Tyler Brooks - 19-years old poisoner locked into a frozen jail cell
  • E.V.A. - Female Android created by Mr. Aero
  • Bret Lester - 23-years old Hectare Warrior


  • Dave Rugal (Main Villain)
  • Henry Mitchell (Jason's Father)
  • Dusty Ryan (Wally's Father)
  • Michelle Ryan (Wally's Mother)
  • Kristin Ryan (Wally's younger sister)
  • Kelly (Billy Bobs's newborn daughter)
  • Paul the Merchant (Shop Keeper)
  • Johnny "Banana Man" Sunny
  • Mr. Aero (mention)
  • Steven Star (mention)
  • Don Lester (menton)

Levels (Inside the Tower of the School of Heaven)Edit

  • Beginning of the Light (First Door)
  • Snowflake (Second Door)
  • Falling Leafs (Third Door)
  • Summer Sunset (Fourth Door)
  • Way of the Memories (Fifth Door)
  • Into the Shiny Ocean (Sixth Door)
  • Climbing Judgement (Seventh Door)
  • Davolo’s Stand (Final Door)



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