War after death: Regal's Zombie Night is a RPG games that happen during The Star Story: Night of the Malta's Blues.


In the Regal's Regions, a married couple from out of town, Steve and Trinity Caraway, are having car trouble as they approach the limits of "Dead End Town" (a unnamed town sign has been overwritten with "Smiley Town"). They stop at a gas station for supplies. Steve gets out, and places his hand near the grill of his cars, presumably hot. However, Their cars and supply of warriors is soon stolen by Paul the Merchant, leaving him, his wife, and unborn child trapped in the overrun town without help.

Overhearing the radio of the one called Bullard Rosser, a massive accident is cause, Bullard perceives the event as an omen, and insists his partner, Sazh Snow. Some other notice and ended up killed. Soon they begin to die in the acidic shampoo. Bullard and Sazh flee to the poles with other survivor. They do avoid the shampoo, but then a large explosion is cause and knocks many of them off away. As it's nothing more than a ruined town.


Playable CharactersEdit

  • Steve Caraway
  • Bullard Rosser
  • Sazh Snow
  • Tommy Paige
  • Scotty Dela
  • Milena El
  • Doug Lee
  • Snake Rock
  • Jack Radio
  • Simon Hunter
  • Komiku Wong


  • Trinity Caraway - Steve's wife, current pregnant


  • TBA



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