World Warrior Royale


The John Studios




M for Mature


Nintendo Wii U
New Nintendo 3DS

Release Date

JP June 1, 2015
NA June 5, 2015
EU June 5, 2015



World Warrior Royale is a fighting game created by The John Studios and published by Capcom.


The gameplay is based on Neo Geo Battle Colloseum.


The story is non-canon.


  • Arcade
  • Story Mode
  • VS.
  • Online
  • Training Mode
  • Multiplayer
  • Puzzle Mode
  • Options
  • Extras


Characters Super Combos Description
John Jab Finisher
Hyper Buster
Final Nerd
Jab Finisher: John procceds to punch the opponent, if success, he makes 14 fast jabs before ending with a overhead punch
Hyper Buster: John fires a large multi-hitting buster shot at the opponent.
Final Nerd: John short hops, if success he procceds to make punch and kick combos finishing off with a Dash Punch at light speed
Robo Big Rocket Fists
Robotic Combo
Time Stop
Big Rocket Fists: Robo fires a large rocket fist, then another one
Robotic Combo: Robo short hops to his opponent, if caught, he perfoms a punch-kick combo, ending with a jumping uppercut.
Time Stop: Robo stops time with his clock, he can attack the opponent for a short period of time. After the time resumed, the opponent will be recieved damage.
Ryu Shinkuu Hadouken
Shinkuu Tatsumaki
Shin Shoryuken
Shinkuu Hadouken: Ryu charges up and fires a large hadoken that hits multiple times.
Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku: Ryu peforms a long last Hurricane Kick that stays still and has a vaccum effect, which hits multiple times
Shin Shoryuken: Ryu peforms an elbow, if success, he then follows with a right uppercut, ending with a powerful Shoryuken. If missed, he peforms a multi-hitting Shoryuken instead.
Chun-Li Kikosho
Hoyoko Sen
Kikosho: Chun-Li rears back and slightly thrusts forward her palms. Creating a large, multi-hitting ball of ki with vaccum effect
Hoyoko Sen: Chun-Li peforms her Lightning Kick, followed with another one, then ends with a Tenkukyaku.
Ken Shoryueppa
Shippu Jinraikyaku
Shoryueppa: Ken peforms a two hit Shoryuken, then peforms another one that hits 4 times and burns the opponent.
Shinryuken: Ken peforms a powerful Shoryuken that creates a spiral of flames with vaccum effect.
Shippu Jinraikyaku: Ken peforms a low roundhouse kick, two high ones, and another low one, and follows up with a knee hit. He then launches into a vertical electric Tatsumaki Senpukyaku if his knee hit succeeds.
Zangief Aerial Russian Slam
Final Atomic Buster
Aerial Russian Slam: Zangief jumps before grab an airbone opponent, depeding on a level he will peform a different attack
Level 1: Toss Slam
Level 2: Pildriver
Level 3: Powerbomb
Final Atomic Buster: Zangief tries to grab the opponent, if success, he peforms two Atomic Suplexes, and a Spinning Piledriver, then peforms a higher one.
Dhalsim Yoga Volcano
Yoga Tempest
Yoga Stream
Yoga Legend
Yoga Volcano: Dhalsim peforms an anti-air Yoga Inferno attack.
Yoga Tempest: Dhalsim peforms a larger Yoga Flame that hits multiple times.
Yoga Stream: Dhalsim peforms a crouching Yoga Flame attack
Yoga Legend: Dhalsim peforms a high foot kick while crouching, seding the opponent high enough to peform an air combo, ending with a headbutt that sends the opponent down, he can also peform Yoga Drill by pressing the kick button the replaces the headbutt.
Blanka Ground Shave Roll
Direct Lightning
Shout of Earth
Ground Shave Roll: Blanka curls into a ball and spins. If charging up or passes amount of time, he will then roll forwards in a short distance to hit the opponent multiple times.
Direct Lightning: Blanka peforms an electrocuted Rolling Attack that hits multiple times
Shout of Earth: Blanka beats his chest and roars while surrounded himself in a electric orb, which hits multiple times and has vaccuum effect.
C. Viper Emergency Combination
Burst Time
Emergency Combination: Viper pounds her fists together making them crackle with violent energy, executes a one-two punch combo, then a flaming backflip kick.
Burst Time: Executes a powered-up Seismic Hammer, followed by four flaming backflip kicks.
Sakura Midare Zakura
Haru Ichiban
Shinku Hadouken
Midare Zakura: Sakura peforms a a weak Shou'oken into a medium Shou'oken, then chained into a strong Shou'oken.
Haru Ichiban: Sakura will use a series of low, sweeping, spinning kicks followed by a backward-facing kick to the opponent's midsection.
Shinku Hadouken: Sakura fires a large multi-hitting hadouken, that travels slower in a medium distance.
Steven Star Super Slash Wave
Omega Slash Combo
Hell Bash
Super Slash Wave:
Omega Slash Combo: Steven peforms a barrage of sword slashes ending with three ways:
Light Punch - A long ranged stab
Medium Punch - A vertical spinning slash
Heavy Punch - A jumping slash
Hell Bash: Steven begins with a overhead slash, if connects, the screen goes black, then procceds to peform some brutal slash combos, ending with a blue landing slash.
Sandvich33 Gentleman, Fire!
Pure Death
Gentleman, Fire!: John takes out his guns, fires 35 bullets, then takes out his Snipe gun, and fires at the opponent.
Pure Death: John goes into the Hadouken stance and fires a large green laser at his opponent.
Agito90 Katana Combination 95
Hack, Slash and Boom
Katana Combination 95: Agito takes out his katana and peforms several swipes, ending with a overhead slash.
Hack, Slash and Boom: Agito turns invisible, which protects him from anything for a short period of time, if peformed again, he takes out both his katana and the lightsaber to slash them very fast, then places a bomb in the back before exploding.
Cosmo The Seedrian Cosmo Combo
Tornado Rose
Cosmo Combo: Cosmo peforms a spinning kick, a back punch, a jumping kick, then jabs with her foots, ending with a hammer fist
Tornado Rose: Cosmo runs in place, trying to grab, if success, she then spirals upwards surrounded in a tornado of roses before throwing the opponent with huge force.
Kyo Kusanagi 182 Shiki
Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi
Saishu Kessen Ougi: Mu Shiki
Kyo raise his left arm while surrounded by orange aura, then peforms a fiery swipe at the opponent
Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi: Kyo turns around, then peforms a powerful overhead fist.
Saishu Kessen Ougi: Mu Shiki: A column of fire shoots up from Kyo as a firey aura builds around him, then he lugnes forwards several times for several devestating firey punches, ending with a multi-hitting 100 Shiki: Oniyaki.
Iori Yagami Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome
Ura 311 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi
Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome: Iori rushes to his opponent, if connects, he then peforms a serious of swipes in rapid succession, before grabbing his opponent with both hands and explodes. If tapping the button, he will then peform Ura 306 Shiki: Saika, where after throwing the opponent, he throws multiple knives, before firing a large purple flame wave from the ground
Ura 311 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi: Iori hops forwards while trying to grab the opponent, if successed, he peforms a higher 100 Shiki: Oniyaki before throwing the opponent.
Marisa Kirisame Stardust
Orrerifes Sun
Love Sign Master Spark
Stardust Reverse: Marisa takes out her broom, ride and drills straight forwards, leaving a trail of blue stars behind her.
Orrerifes Sun: Marisa summons four colored orbs which revolve around her for a limited amount of time, and fire energy blast projectiles with any attack button.
Love Sign Master Spark: Marisa shoots a giant multicolored laser from her palms. In the air, she shoots diagonally downwards. She can also peform in the 45 degree angle by intputting the shoryuken motion, then 2 punches.
Bruce Blazestar Burning Hell Slash
Hyper Pyro-Copter
Dark Bruce
Burning Hell Slash: Bruce proceeds to grab the opponent, if success, the screen goes black and slahes multiple times, then finishes off with a flaming uppercut
Hyper Pyro-Copter: A further and stronger version of Pyro-Copter
Dark Bruce: Bruce will start charging back his power. In this mode, he runs very slow, but his attacks becomes more powerful. He will remain in this state until a few seconds are passed.
Venis Gaia
Gaia: Venis peforms a multi-hitting stab with the image of Gaia at the opponent.
Apollo: Venis peforms a long range stab, if this connects, he does a few slashes finishing off with a powerful down thrust with the image of Apollo
Chaos: Venis turns back, gathering dark energy with the image of Chaos, then peforms two powerful strikes at the opponent.
Dan Hibiki Koryuekka
Koryuekka: Dan performs a quick, short-ranged Koryuken, followed by a faster and higher one immediately after.
Hissho-Buraiken: Dan flashes and holds his arms back for a few seconds, and then unleashes a very fast barrage of punches and kicks to the foe unfortunate enough to be within the range of this attack, ending with a Koryuken.
Chouhatsu-Densetsu: The move is a series of Dan's taunts played one after another, the taunts varying with the game. One iteration has Dan roll forward and perform a pose, flexing his bicep, then roll again and perform a second such pose. Dan continues to roll and alternate between the two poses several times before performing a slow-motion jump through the air. On landing, Dan displays his signature pose, sticking out his rear end and giving a thumbs-up to the camera with a "ping" in his smile. This move is useless on a real battle, its only use is to taunt the opponent as it doesn't do any damage. Dan is completely vulnerable to attacks while he is doing his taunts, making this move even worse.
Jerry Di Ibuki Shinku Gamehameha
Shinku Gamehameha: Jerry charges up a full-powered version of his original Gamehameha and tries to blast it at his opponent; after performing the attack, Jerry is shown flying backwards, insinuating that the force of the attack itself was too much for him to handle.
GGCF: Jerry peforms a series of punches and kicks, finishing off with a two-hit Gameryuken
Morrigan Finishing Shower
Darkness Illusion
Finishing Shower: Morrigan fires a hail of missiles at the opponent from her wings, which can be guided to a certain degree using the joystick.
Darkness Illusion: She attacks the opponent with a complex series of hits and kicks alongside a shadow that resembles her, finishing the move by doing greater version of Deep Crescendo in the air, smashing opponent to the ground.
Mario Hammer Bash
Mario Finale
Hammer Bash: Mario equips with his hammer and slams into the ground several times while the hammer theme from the original Donkey Kong plays

Mario Finale: Mario unleashes two massive fireballs that drags the opponent sideways.
Mario Finale: Mario Finale: Mario unleashes two massive fireballs that drags the opponent sideways.

Bowser Heavy Fire Breath
Suplex Bomb
Heavy Fire Breath: Bowser fires a larger and longer fire breath that can be controlled up or down.
Suplex Bomb: Bowser grabs the opponent, if success he peforms 3 german suplexes, before finishing off with a powerful Flying Slam.
Slenderman Slender
The Constrictor
Slender: Slenderman envelops the screen in partial static for 5 seconds.
The Constrictor: Slenderman grabs the opponent with his tentacle, if success, he wraps it several times before throwing.
Seedeater The Pain Chain Seedeater's character trait is a throw able to be linked with multiple other throws. Up to 3 types of throws can be chained, each granting his a special ability, like a boost of power, a defense buff, or resisitance to chip damage. Spending the meter for the initial chain of the Pain Chain makes the grab unblockable, granting Seedeater super armor.
Ticci-Toby Tick Tock Tick
Axe You A Question
Tick Tock Tick: Toby's ticking kicks in, making him immune to damage for a short period.
Axe You A Question: Toby smacks the opponent with his hatchet, making him/her hit the ground, then slams him/her in the stomach.
Link Hurricane Spin
Hyper Bomb
Triforce Slash
Hurricane Spin: Link peforms a stronger Spin Attack with longer raneg and vacuum effect
Hyper Bomb: Link throws a larger bomb, then explodes to the opponent in contact
Triforce Slash: Link uses the power of the Triforce to trap opponents in front of him, and then slashes the trapped characters. A ray of light will stun anyone horizontally in front of them. Link will then dash very quickly towards any opponent stunned by the beam and strike them repeatedly for an immense amount of damage. He delivers a total of 14 slashes, and then the final blow.
Tron Bonne Lunch Rush
King Servbot
Lunch Rush: Tron shoots her opponent with a laser, if it conects the Servbots barrage the opponent on the ground. It can be blocked and comes out slow.
King Servbot: The Servbot that is with Tron grows and starts attacking with a hammer. Tron appears to be controlling it as a satellite dish unfurls from the Gustaff.
Remilia Scarlet Night Lord "Dracula Cradle"
Scarlet Devil
Night Lord "Dracula Cradle": Remilia spins and charges towards to her opponent. Can be controlled in 8 directions.
Scarlet Devil: Remilia will run toward the opponent. If she connects, she will then fly up carrying them, before she bites them and sucks some of their blood, regaining a little bit of life. She then spins around with grabbed opponent before slaming them to the ground.
Neo Flare
Flare: Neo summons a flamign shield that protects him from attacks. He can also throw it by pressing the attack button
Plague: Neo grabs the opponent with telepathy, then puts him/her a curse that drains his/her heath slowly for 10 seconds.
Chris Redfield Grenade Launcher
Satellite Laser
Grenade Launcher: Chris pulls out a Grenade Launcher and fires a nitrogen grenade at the opponent, freezing the opponent. Chris then proceeds to fire a normal grenade in the sky, and follows it with two more grenades, with the previous grenade that was fired upward then falling down on the opponent, it having some homing capability.
Satellite Laser: For this move, Chris pulls out a large, bazooka-like tracking device. The player can then scroll around the screen with a large cross hair. Hitting an attack button will fire a laser at the spot the cross hair is on, this can be done three times before the Super Combo ends.
Spider Man Maxinum Spider
Crawler Assault
Ultimate Web Throw
Maxinum Spider: Jumping towards the back of the screen, Spider-Man vaults forward and performs several flying kicks through his opponent. Spider-Man then finishes the Hyper Combo with one final, powerful foot-stomp to send the opponent crashing down.
Crawler Assault: Spider-Man dashes forward and unleashes a flurry of berserker punches and flips before finally kicking the opponent away.
Ultimate Web Throw: Spider-Man leaps backward into the air, and then fires a giant triangular web from his web-shooters. If the web connects, it ensnares his opponent and he swings them around in overhead circles several times before finally slamming his opponent into the ground.
Iron Man Proton Cannon Proton Cannon: Iron Man summons a gigantic repulsor cannon and mounts it on his shoulder. He then proceeds to fire off an enormous beam directly in front of him. He can also use it in a 45 degree angle.
Hulk Gamma Tsunami
Gamma Quake
Gamma Crush
Gamma Tsunami: Hulk picks up the ground beneath him and ruptures it, sending a wave of violent earth rushing towards the opponent.
Gamma Quake: Hulk pounds his fist to the ground and a hail of boulders crashes down on the opponent.
Gamma Crush: Hulk crouches down and then launches himself upward at an angle off-screen, then reappears clutching a burning meteor, bringing it down on the opponent. This Hyper Combo is at its most effective when used when the opponent is directly next to Hulk, as the initial first hit knocks them down or launches them upward slightly and leaves them open for the rest of the attack.
Thor Mighty Tornado
Mighty Punish
Mighty Tornado: Thor concentrates, then holds his hammer aloft, causing a violent lightning-charged tornado to swirl around him.
Mighty Punish: Thor grabs the opponent, smashing him or her with his hammer and summons a powerful thunderbolt for the finish.
Strider Hiryu Legion
Legion: Strider summons a large number of his mechanical eagles and panthers, which dash across the screen.
Ouroboros: Strider summons two small satellites which revolve around him for a limited amount of time, and fire projectiles with any attack button.
Ragnarok: Strider dashes forward and grabs the opponent and combos them using multi-images of himself.
Johnstein Electric Cage
Monster Mash
Monster's Rage
Electric Cage: Johnstein brings his ball and chains and equips to his arms, then forcefully swings to the opponent, then another one.
Monster Mash: Johnstein peforms a straight punch, a dash punch, an uppercut, then finishes off with a double fist together.
Monster's Rage: Johnstein runs in place, trying to grab the opponent, if sucess, he peforms 3 backbreakers, before finishing off with a powerful explosive piledriver.
Pikachu Thunder
Volt Tackle
Thunder: Pikachu charges up some energy before firing a large thunderbolt from the sky
Volt Tackle: Pikachu charges up before tackles the opponent while electrocutes from his body.
Machamp Dynamic Punch
Dynamic Punch: Machamp peforms several punches, ednding with a explosive punch.
Revenge: Machamp turns back and charges up, before attacking with a uppercut
Lucario Aura Storm
Mega Lucario
Aura Storm: Lucario fires a large laser blast from his hands.
Mega Lucario: Lucario mega evolves into Mega Lucario. In this state, all of attacks deals twice as damage.
Pegasus Seiya Meteor Mash
Cosmic Star Arrow
Meteor Mash: Seiya peforms a two-hit elbow, then 3 roundhouse kicks, ending with a multi-hitting uppercut.

Cosmic Star Arrow: Seiya equips with the Sagittarius cloths, takes out the Bow of Sagittarius, then releases the arrow with great force.

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