Zoe Hirashima




Young Adult (21 to 29)


Cybergothic Schoolgirl




Nostalgia Critic
Hirosue Marina
Agito Wanijima

First Appearance

WhatGamersAreFor Easter Free For All Brawl (Angelfire - Oct. 2006)


Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park

Character DescriptionEdit

Zoe Hirashima (foremerly Zoe Harumatsuri during 2011 to the late 2012) is a fan-made vocaloid from deviantART. her account (GreenPunkEmoGirl ) was created in May 6th, 2011.

Although Zoe herself hasn't got much attention from time to time, basically she ends up being the second banana of the Angelfire Duo. so she ends up leaving the web comic series and just start out fresh (Pretty much the same way the Kenji Inafume did on when he left CAPCOM.), and started her deviantART journey on her own and so far it's a smooth pace for at least a year and half, thus ended up encountered a few trolls that was picking/teasing her online friends. so she put her foot down and stand up against the trolls and art thieves, which she also managed to report a bug within dA devID widget that was acting a bit buggy.

She also has her own appearances on different spin-offs like Avatar Fighters: Battle Royale, Lawl-A-Lympics, and oddly enough she also possesses both Telekinesis, and Pyrokinesis.


  • Hatsune Miku (Cousin?!)
  • Arie Kanagawa (Older step-sister)



  • Zoe Hirashima is the first cybergoth to join lawl
  • Zoe Hirashima is the second character from deviantART to join lawl (first was Cpend7)
  • She used to have crimson red hair before it was black with green highlights just about 4 years before her deviantART debut in 2011
  • She has a different set of guitars upon on each costume, which below here is all the possible guitars she has as of now.
  • Zoe Hirashima is one of the two main characters of the fanmade webcomic entitled "What Gamers Are For". including other spin-offs that featured her in it as either a main protagonist, a minor character, or just a background character.
  • Sometimes a few people might've pondered If Zoe Hirashima was actually a cousin of Hatsune Miku as said from this particular picture from the Meme Generator website .

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